About Ashli

I love to live passionately, and I hope it’s contagious.
The world is a tough place.  We all have a lot at stake in the days we face.  I delight in finding beauty and hope and sharing it with others!

My passion is seeing people experience comprehensive change through simple Truth.          For  the past 22 years, I’ve enjoyed ministering       full-time  in Scottsdale, Arizona, across the States, and overseas.  I’m happy to be the wife of Pastor Rowdy Van Horn of One Church Scottsdale,    mommy to 3 awesome kids, and a Pastor of        Family Ministries.   My heart is to release healing, power and freedom through my calling as wife, mother, teacher,  visionary, author, artist,   adventurer, intercessor and friend.

I go a little nuts over


revivifying people to walk in their destiny

seeing children worship and pray 

people who surrender their lives to God’s leading

the joys of each season of life

helping people grow in their daily relationship with God


To the best possible destination.
Would you take a walk with me?  Let’s have a conversation.  We all have good and bad things in our lives and good and bad days.  But, wouldn’t it be nice to live each day without fear?  Without the dulldrums?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be inspired, joyful and free to be who and do what you are called to do?  That’s what I get excited about!  And that’s what I want to walk beside you to see you accomplish.

Let’s Build passionate Lives

Shortening the Distance

When I spoke overseas for the first time, I was struck by the beauty of the human spirit when it is touched by God’s love.  It is amazing that different cultures, colors and credentials are all united in Jesus.  Our hearts are all the same.

I’d love to come and speak at your church or event and hug you in person, but until then,  I hope we can hang out together here.   I love to help people eliminate the feeling of distance between them and God.




How can I support you today?

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