What do you crave?  
Attention or Alcohol?  Sex or Success?  Control or Cocaine?

Everyone craves something.
This is The Cure for Everything You Crave.

No matter what you crave, The Cure is the secret to unlock satisfaction in your life. 

Cravings lead to bad results, bad habits and addictions. 

Stop the futile struggle to resist your big or small "demons."  Embrace the freedom that awaits you instead.  Become the person you want to be, without being hindered by your hang-ups.  


Author Ashli Van Horn
invites you to

​​​​​​​​​Understand the cause of all your cravings

Possess The Cure for Yourself and Those You Care About 


Activate and Sustain the Cure for Your Life

Discover a Deeper Connection with God

Complete book and workbook Inside

Discover the secret to a life free of unhealthy cravings.  Everything you need to overcome your cravings at your fingertips.

What began as a word of knowledge was confirmed in a life-altering, heart-shaking vision and became The Cure.  In 23 years of helping people, Author Ashli Van Horn has never been so compelled to do anything as she is to share this truth.  She wants to hand The Cure to you for yourself--and those you love--and invites you to follow the essential path to fulfillment.  

Each book includes the Cure, and a Complete Workbook with discussion questions, called the Rx Sections.  These sections of questions are powerful for your private use for personal growth, as well as for small group discussions.  

Get The Cure 

You don't have to trip over your cravings, bad habits or hang-ups anymore.  Unlock the Secret to Total Satisfaction in The Cure.  Understand your longings and follow the path to fulfillment!  

What leaders are saying:

If you read one book this year...

Master your cravings.  This page turner teaches you step by step how to confront temptation and win with ease.  Read it and discover a victorious you.  If  ​​​​you read one book this year, make it this one.

MATTHEW BARNETT //  Co-founder of the Dream Center

You will love how Ashli speaks with clarity...

The Cure invites you on a journey to be awakened to true freedom, to gain understanding and wisdom in your pursuit for personal growth.  You will love how Ashli speaks with clarity and you can hear her voice jumping off the pages.  May you jump into the process of learning the tools to cure you to walk out true freedom. 

THEA WOOD  //  Investor in People, Founder of Kick Fear in the Face

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Inside The Cure

Each chapter of The Cure is built specifically to lead you on the easy, step-by-step journey to understand and apply it.  At the end of Chapers 1-6, there is the (Workbook) "Rx Section" so you can specifically apply the information to your exact situation.  It's hard to say which one will be your favorite, but a lot of readers love to come back to Chapter 7 repeatedly, because it's so encouraging and focused!    



A SIMPLE TRUTH-Unlocking the Secret     Begin to unfold why author Ashli Van Horn calls The Cure "wisdom far beyond her" and be inspired to take advantage of this wisdom. 



THE VISION AND REVELATION-The Dream that Compelled The Cure    Take a trip to a place between Heaven and earth.  A place that is available to everyone.  



THE CRUX-Understanding the Cause of All Cravings   The single most satisfying understanding a person can embrace is the view that cravings have not only a singular cause, but also a singular cure.



DON'T SKIP THE DIAGNOSIS-A Prerequisite for the Cure to be Successful Set yourself up for success with this thought provoking chapter.



THREE STEPS-The Essence of The Cure   Activate The Cure with these inspired steps. 



THE CALL-Hearing God's Call and Having a Calling Not only can giving in to your cravings hinder you hearing from God or walking in your calling, cravings are actually intricately related to hearing God's voice and walking in your calling.  Find out how, and learn to hear God's voice for yourself.



PACKAGE INSERT-Directions and Encouragement for Taking The Cure   A power packed insert to keep you inspired and taking The Cure for total satisfaction.   

ASHLI VAN HORN  //  Author

My passion is seeing people experience comprehensive change through simple Truth.  For the past 23 years, I’ve enjoyed ministering full-time in Scottsdale, Arizona, across the States, and overseas.

 I’m happy to be the wife of Pastor Rowdy Van Horn of One Church Scottsdale, mommy to 3 awesome kids, and a Pastor of Family Ministries. My heart is to release healing, power and freedom through my calling as wife, mother, teacher, visionary, author, artist, adventurer, intercessor and friend.

-Ashli Van Horn

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Ashli is a champion author...

After 40 years of social work and inner healing and deliverance experience, The Cure has been such a warm reminder to me. Ashli so very clearly unfolded the Father’s heart,  His love and gentleness, and the simplicity of The Cure. Ashli is a champion author!   

CONNIE BURGESS  //  GenAlive Transformation Ministries

Brings great hope for anyone who is seeking a new life...

Ashli Van Horn in her book The Cure for everything you Crave has given the reader great encouragement to know there really is a cure to change a person's life for the better! Ashli's love for scripture brings great hope for anyone who is seeking a new life.

SNOW PEABODY  //  Executive State Director of Teen Challenge of Arizona

Go deeper, combining deep revelation with practical application...

The Cure is more than just a good book to read. It is an opportunity to grow and change. And it’s not just for those suffering from addiction. As a pastor who ministers to drug addicts, I feel that no matter where you are in your spiritual walk, The Cure challenges you to go deeper, combining deep revelation with practical application. By asking thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, Ashli Van Horn invites the reader to internalize and retain the principles they just read. If you’re searching for an explanation of what a true relationship with God looks and feels like; if you want to begin or deepen your relationship with God; if you are longing for simple, pure relationship with Jesus -- this book is for you.

JP Charlebois  //  

Not only for the spiritual seeker or struggling Christian, but also for the mature...

Ashli Van Horn points out very clearly how to satisfy our longings.  A big, impactful message crammed in a little, clearly-written book! Not only for the spiritual seeker or struggling Christian, but also for the mature, The Cure is useful to keep close, to read again and again. It’s a game changer for anyone who reads it and puts it into practice.  I love the last chapter that contains the prescription with quick bullet points to remind ourselves how to apply the powerful cure for total satisfaction! Now is the time to take and apply the prescription for The Cure and watch how it will transform your life!

LOREN LAUGHLIN  //  PhysD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Owner of Abounding Heart Counseling, PLLC, in Aurora and Colorado Springs, CO

The Best Time to Start Living Fulfilled is Now!

Imagine how free your life would be if you found a way to put all of your bad habits, addictions, and cravings behind you?  What could you accomplish?  How much extra time would you have for JUST LIVING? You don't have to wait any longer.  You can start, today!  Click the button below, order this book, and get started living free!


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